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Bromine is very similar to chlorine as it applies to swimming pool sanitization, though bromine’s byproducts differentiate it from chlorine. When chlorine reacts with contaminants in swimming pool water, chloramine is formed. Similarly, when bromine reacts with contaminants in swimming pool, bromamine is formed. The difference lies in the effect of these byproducts on the swimming pool. Whereas chloramines offer no benefit to swimming pool water, bromamines retain the sanitizing characteristics of bromine. For this reason, Aquatic World has turned to bromine as our swimming pool’s sanitizing agent.

Advantages of Bromine Sanitization

  • It is more stable than chlorine in warmer temperatures, which makes excellent for sanitization in indoor or covered spas.
  • The smell of bromine is less pungent than that of chlorine.
  • Less distructive impact on dive gear.
  • Bromine continues to work even after it combines with contaminants, and it therefore sanitizes for a longer period of time than chlorine.

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