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Your Regulator - One of the most important piece's of dive gear you have. When it is operating properly your underwater experience flows with each breath. Though each regulator is different they all need the same thing, maintenance. Because of all the moving parts, high pressure seat, diaphragms and o-rings, you should have it checked out Annually.

For most brands of Regulators you begin with the Annual Inspection within 12 months from  your purchase date. Then at the second year mark you have your regulator "Overhauled". Each year there after you have it either Inspected or Overhauled, prolonging the life of your Regulator investment. This program keeps your regulator within manufacturer specification, under Warranty and operating at peak performance. Not following this Annual Inspection then Overhaul program drops you from the warranty program and your parts kit cost are no longer covered by the manufacturer.


(Some brands of regulators, though very few, require Annual Overhaul and do not have an Inspection Year)

There is the bench cost for the inspection. And though it is rare, sometimes due to improper care of the regulator a complete Overhaul needs to be performed. The cost of these parts kit are usually not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. To avoid this, make sure you are properly cleaning and caring for your regulator after each and every dive.

The Bench Cost for the Inspection is usually all your regulator is going to need

  • But on occasion a Parts Kit Cost may be required if not covered under warranty

There are six parts to the cost of your "Regulator Overhaul"


  • Bench cost for 1st stage service
  • Bench cost for your Primary 2nd stage service
  • Bench cost for your Octo or Airsource/Airlink
  • Parts Kit cost 1st stage - (Under warranty  if covered by manufacturer)
  • Parts Kit cost Primary 2nd stage - (Under warranty if covered by manufacturer)
  • Parts Kit cost Octo or Airsource 2nd stage - (Under warranty if covered by manufacturer)


When do I bring my Regulator in?


During the off season is always best - November through April  or 1-1/2 to 2 months prior to your Dive Vacation. Remember, it can take up to 3 weeks for servicing to be completed. Rush service is available, but good planning saves you this large extra cost! You can bring it in anytime before the 12 months are up, especially if your diving a lot. But don't miss your Annual Service date - It could cost you your Warranty. 

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