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DOMESTIC TRIPS More than a weekend but not leaving the country!

A Quick Vacation with Aquatic World

Not everyone can slip away for that special Caribbean vacation. So, come join Aquatic World for that quick getaway. Skip down to Florida or North Carolina. Or pop over the border to Canada or out west to a high mountain Lake. Just far enough away that it takes a long weekend or an entire week out of the Snow. Come join the "Aquatic World Fun Run Trips"!

Key Largo Del Mar

South Side of Canal at Del Mar  -  Key Largo, Florida  -  2019


Before we go
  • We check out all destinations in advance
  • We make arrangements for Lodging and diving operations
  • We conduct information sessions
  • We advise you on what you need to pack
  • We can inspect and service your dive equipment
  • We can perform dive skill updates
While your with us
  • Our trip leaders are with you every step of the way
  • We handle diving details with the dive operators
  • Provide additional certifications if you want to up your skills

 What's to your likings

  • It's your trip. We try to make it easy and fun with minimal interruptions on our part
  • We negotiate Lodging packages but you can stay where you choose
  • You plan how you're getting there. Fly, drive or car pool
  • You pick where and what you would like to eat. With the group come join us. Or go out for a more private meal


Come join Aquatic World on one of our "Fun Run" Domestic Trips!

  Destination Start Date End Date Places Available  
Marathon Florida Saturday 07 Mar 2020 Sunday 15 Mar 2020 20

Marathon Florida -(Marathon 3/7/2020)
Staff: Erik Wennberg

  • Places Available: 20

At this time we are looking at 7 - 15 March 2020. But the dates could change............... Plans are underway to go to Marathon, Florida. Per diver cost is still being negotiated but we are planning - five days of 2 Tanks morning Dives. Combination of Shallow Boat or Deep Boat diving. Aquatic World Instructor's will be available on this trip to complete your OW or AOW certification. Additional Specialty certifications - Deep, Boat and Wreck also available.... The traveler is responsible for arrangining their transportation and meals. We are making plans to stay with Banana Bay Resort using an Aquatic World a Group rate and diving with "Better Than Most Watersports".......... Trip Booking information will be available as soon as we lock it in..... Additional dive and night dives should be available.

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