What Makes Aquatic World Travel Special This is why our travelers enjoy our trips!

We provide personalized service from A to Z

The Aquatic World Promise


“We promise to deliver a fun,  fully guided vacation to destinations with accommodations, food, service and diving that meets Aquatic World's high standards”




Our Travel Department works hard to provide you a memorable experience and it starts with taking the work out of trip planning. Sharon Corcoran, our Travel Director, has deveoped a program which removes the uncertainty of picking a location and getting there. Here's how we help you.

Preparing for the trip

  • We make all arrangements and offer to book your airfare
  • We check out all destinations in advance
  • We conduct information sessions
  • We are professionals
  • We provide hassle free dive trips
  • We host pre-trip parties to prepare you
  • We advise you on what you need to pack
  • We can inspect and service your dive equipment
  • We can perform skill updates
  • We introduce you to great people

While you are traveling

  • Our trip leaders are with you every step of the way
  • We handle diving details with the dive operators
  • We help make airport check-in and navigation easier
  • We arrange airport transfers
  • We are there to handle and correct problems big and small
  • We entertain you with contests and games
  • We will make fun and laughter a big part of every day

After the trip

  • We schedule and host a post trip party
  • We share pictures and videos

What you must provide – The intention to have fun!