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Maldives - Endless Islands, Sun, and Ocean make for an Incredible dive vacation experience

Posted on: 23 Feb 2015 at 12:52 by TimC, in Travel - Comment: 0 comment.

By: Kris Petty Aquatic World Trip Leader.

Schooling Moorish Idol, Sailfish Tang, Oriental Sweet Lips, White Tip Shark, Picasso Angel Fish, Giant Reef Manta, Napoleon Fish, and my favorite - Clown Trigger Fish are just a sample of what I had in my log book after my first 4 dives in the Maldives.  That was 6 years ago, and now we are planning our second Aquatic World  group trip back to the Maldives (April 21st to May 6th 2016) and I know it will be even more fantastic than our previous trip.  Why, I’ll get to that, but a little about the Maldives.


The Republic of the Maldives is an awe inspiring chain of tiny islands (remnants of volcano’s now dormant for centuries) stretching for nearly 600 miles in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  Many of the islands come and go with the seasons as the waves and wind build and erode them.  For centuries the ever changing geological features of the Maldives kept Seafarers at bay - navigating these waters was dangerous, mapping them was impossible.  Even today, with the exception of the major sea ports, many sailors avoid the area - which is the reason that the Maldives remain unspoiled.  The very reefs that have kept invaders (back in the day) and shipping traffic to a minimum have become one of the crown jewels in the diving community!

The 600+ islands of the Maldives are grouped together into formations called Atoll’s.  Over time ocean currents created channels in between major islands in the Atolls and in between the Atolls themselves.  The channels are the genesis for the extraordinary diving in the Madlives.  As the tides come and go through the channels, they move nutrient rich water into the reefs, creating a smorgasbord for the 700+ species of reef fish and corals to thrive.  The sheer number of fish these waters support attracts larger ocean fish to the Maldives - Everybody likes an Easy meal right?  The Bio Diversity of both fish and corals is prolific.  Scientists estimate that invertebrate species alone surpasses tens of thousands, equally as numerous are the coral species.

Divers with a sharp eye will find frogfish, leaf fish, ghost pipefish, and countless nudibranchs.  Look up from the reef and you will no doubt see hundreds of schooling reef fish, find Giant Reef Manta, octopus, whale shark, and countless other pelagic creatures.  The Maldives has something for everyone - and you do not need to look that hard to find it!

Back to what makes Aquatic World’s second group trip (my third) back to this destination great?  Well it certainly will be the gorgeous island scenery, the wonderful hospitality of the Maldivian people, and the excellent service that Aggressor Fleet provides it’s guests (the diving does not need special denotation!).  What sets this trip apart from the rest is the duration, Aquatic World worked with Aggressor, creating a custom 10 day itinerary!  Most trips are 7 days, starting and ending at the same location.  Our trip will be 3 extra days, even better - the yacht is not returning to where we embarked, we are heading due South to some rarely visited dive locations most live aboard vessels NEVER get a chance to go to.

More diving, pristine dive sites, great hospitality, a wonderful culture, and outstanding scenery will make this Aqua

tic World’s most Fantastic trip to the Maldives yet.  I hope to see you there!


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