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Aquatic World Premier Dive Travel Services

Posted on: 22 Feb 2015 at 20:30 by TimC, in Travel - Comment: 0 comment.

There are so many options for dive travel these days, so why choose an Aquatic World trip when you could book it yourself? Well, as you know, booking dive travel is very much about planning to dive, coupled with a whole host of other questions that need to be asked and answered, like where to go, where to stay, what dive op to use, where the dive op is in relation to the place you're staying, transportation, and on, and on. If you’re a new diver it gets even more complicated. What do I need to take on the trip? What do I need to know when diving from a boat? What about shore diving? What do I need to know about traveling to a foreign country?


Other questions include; Who is going to be on the boat with you? Are they good divers? Who will your buddy be? There are so many questions to ask, and some of them don't even have answers until the moment you get on the boat! We make the whole process seamless, because we answer all those questions for you, plus a lot more. With Aquatic World Group Travel, all you have to do is take your days off, pack your bags, and show up ready to dive!


Here's what you get with every Aquatic World Group trip:

We take you to the best dive destinations: Aquatic World Travel experts are constantly researching the various dive locations around the world. We have access to resources which help us pick the most pristine and interesting locations.

We have high standards: The resort  has been visited and inspected by Aquatic World and our team of travel experts to ensure the best accommodations, food, service, diving and dive operation.

Experienced trip leaders: You are accompanied by someone experienced in travel and the diving , who will make sure things run smoothly and will be looking out for you to help ensure your safety, pair you up with a buddy, and even dive with you if that makes you most comfortable. They will assist you on the plane as needed and will take care of all details during your trip whether it's a request for a different room or no hot water. No problem is too small.

Pre trip Party: All of our trips are preceded by a get together to discuss trip logistics and will give you a chance to meet all your dive buddies. You will also get the opportunity to use our pool to sharpen your skills.

We usually have our own boat: either a boat reserved exclusively for Aquatic World, or, if not the whole boat, most of it, with significant influence on the sites we dive.

Arranged activities: excursions, meals, and more; we love to have contests, everything from photo contests to Tacky Tourists contests -  loads of fun!

Built in buddies: You travel with a group of people that you will become good friends with so you won't be getting on a boat full of strangers.

We have Instructors and/or Divemasters on every trip: Whether you want to improve your dive skills or just want someone with more experience to dive with you, Aquatic World Pros are there to help. Informal dive training and advice from the Trip Leaders is always available to help you improve your diving and make your trip more enjoyable.

Free Certifications: Aquatic World offers free Open Water and Advanced Open Water Certification instruction to customers who travel with us to the Caribbean or Pacific.

It's still your vacation: do as much as or as little as you'd like with the group, but know there's always someone to hang out with, have a meal with, and go diving with.

Access to Exclusive Trips:  Aquatic World offers private (not announced) trips to travelers who have already accompanied us on a trip. Once you become and Aquatic World Traveler, you will be offered trips to locations which are not posted at the shop or announced on our website. You will have first shot at reserving your spot to these exclusive locations.

And most of all we offer camaraderie and fun, fun, and more fun!

These are premium services we provide that you won't get if you book your own trip, and only those who book group travel through Aquatic World will be able to take advantage of them. Contact our Travel Coordinator, Sharon Corcoran, today to find out how we can help you.

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