Ben Novak

Diving is a family affair

When I started SCUBA lessons it was a family activity. We learned from Tim at Aquatic World and got our first set of equipment right after. My first tropical dive trip was with my family to Bonaire, at which we all became fully hooked on the sport. Quickly I began to work to expand my knowledge of diving and become as involved in the sport as I could. I began working for Aquatic World and worked by way up to Divemaster, and then eventually I spent a month in Utila getting my Instructor. Travelling with Aquatic World on multiple trips to the islands I have had the opportunity to experience the excitement and fun that comes with travelling in a group.

My experiences over the years in teaching and working for Aquatic World have given me vast knowledge of dive equipment and dive safety. My goal as a trip leader is to make sure that anyone who travels with Aquatic World has the best possible experience that they can.