Alan and Gretchen Ziegler
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A transformational experience!

Gretchen Ziegler


What are YOU looking for? Perhaps you’re doing a little research about Diving but haven’t yet gotten your feet wet, or perhaps you’ve already had the experience of a lifetime exploring the underwater vistas and ready for more?

Whatever it might be, I encourage you to join us and continue to expand your world and enrich your life and come diving with us !

If I had to sum up my diving experience into one word it would be

                  T   R  A  N  S   F   O   R   M   A   T   I   O   N   A   L !!

Scuba diving has changed my life in many positive ways. From weighted and clumsy, to buoyant and fluid, hesitant to eager, nervous to peaceful, loner to groupie; Diving has been a factor that has opened my world.

I was certified in college but didn’t have opportunities to dive much until I met up with Tim and Sharon Corcoran at Aquatic World and signed up for an open water class. My husband Alan, dove extensively as a teen and young adult but also took a long hiatus. Now we’re both totally hooked on the sport, and have continued out diving education so that we may introduce this fabulous Ocean world to others.

Alan is a PADI instructor and I’m a DiveMaster who have been traveling the Pacific and Caribbean dive destinations looking for excellent Dive operations so that we may return and bring back a group of fellow divers AND those folks who want to explore the world above the water! When not diving, I’m working as a School Nurse and Alan likes to say he “plays Doctor” so we work together pretty well to ensure our fellow travelers have a safe and fun vacation! I enjoy meeting new people and as a trip leader, my objective is to maximize each person’s vacation experience by smoothing out travel wrinkles before they happen and to take care of any hurtles that we may encounter.

Diving with Aquatic World gives you peace of mind knowing that with your precious vacation time and money, you’ll get the best return on your investment. Before a trip is offered, we’ve already thoroughly vetted it to see if it meets the high standards of safety, beauty, and comforts that Tim and Sharon Corcoran benchmark.

So where do you want to go?  Let’s do this together! It’s a big big world and the Sea’s the limit!

Alan Ziegler


I like many became very interested in the underwater world in high school and became certified in 1973.  I dove with a local dive club in Lake Erie with a J valve tank and a horse shoe collar safety vest.  College came and diving went till recertification in June 2010. A trip with Aquatic World to Bonaire started a resurgence of my interest in marine life. Since then I have become a PADI instructor and Gretchen and I have become trip leaders. We have enjoyed 6 trips to the Pacific and multiple trips to the Caribbean. I enjoy identifying, learning about and photographing marine life. Watching a new diver experience the beauty of the underwater world for the first time is always fun and rewarding.